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Skin IQ

LED Light Therapy Mask

LED Light Therapy Mask

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Wanting an easy solution to the best skin of your life while in the comfort of your own home? Just ten minutes a day using SkinIQs medical grade LED Light Therapy Masks has 3 therapeutic lights for a clearer complexion.

RED light: promotes elastin fibres and gives us more collagen production (who does not need more of this)? helping to fight the signs of ageing and smooth fine lines and wrinkles!

Blue light: will banish bacteria and help calm any active acne while preventing anymore breakouts and helping to calm any scarring.

Yellow light: will help fade any pigmentation or sun damage creating beautiful, clearer, more even toned skin.

Simply choose your light option sit back and relax with our cordless LED mask. Great option for mother and daughter to use on the different settings.

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